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Dec 6, 2011
Tacoma area, WA
Hello MiEVers,

As started on the i-bargains thread, I have salvaged a crashed 2014 that only had 14k miles on the odometer, blue with a black interior. It was hit hard in the passenger door, a topic that I intend to explore elsewhere with some photos and analysis. I have stripped all the usable components and intend to recycle the hulk soon, so if you want a body section, let me know ASAP.
I am not offering the traction battery and drive system for sale yet, as they are intended for personal use. All of the body and interior components are available. I'll list specific items below, but don't hesitate to ask here or via PM.
All components in excellent condition and now in dry storage unless noted otherwise.
Please PM your best price and I'll be very reasonable. 50% of dealer pricing or less is my guide.

US-Spec Shifter gate to unlock "B" mode in lower trim models.
LH Driver's Door- complete
LH Rear Passenger Door- complete
RH Rear Passenger Door- complete with skin damage on lower front section.
LH Headlamp assembly
Rear Valence/bumper cover with reflectors
Rear bumper beam
Front bumper beam
Driver's Seat
Rear Seat
Tail Lights, L&R
Rear hatch- complete
All interior plastics other than the dash topper and front passenger door/footwell pieces.
Radio Trim
HVAC control stack with knobs and panel
Electric Power Steering rack without tie rods
Windshield wiper arms
Windshield wiper motor and transmission assembly
Brake Discs
Brake Calipers
Brake Pedal assembly
AC Compressor
Coolant Reservoirs
Master Cylinder with booster
Hard brake lines
Battery splash tray
Tire repair kit under rear seat
Passenger front airbag
Driver's side curtain airbag
Front alloy wheel with 50% worn Enasave tire (1)
Rear Alloy Wheels with 25% worn Evasive tires (2)
Misc bits n pieces- just ask.
Front valence/bumper cover with fog lamps
LH Spindle, Strut, and Tie rod
LH Front quarter panel and side marker lamp
HandBrake Handle and mechanism
CHAdeMO inlet door
CHAdeMO release cable and handle (a second set, new in package is also available)
J1772 inlet door
J1772 release cable and handle

Destroyed :cry:
Right front door and mirror
front passenger seat
front passenger footwell trim
Dash top
Gearshift lever
Right front wheel and tire