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Dec 6, 2011
Tacoma area, WA
Parts car #3 arrived this week, and for once as advertised, it runs and drives!
It's a 2012 SE Premium with satnav, DCFC, heated seat, the works. Funny thing, it's silver, and I just sold my good front bumper valence to Brooks! But EVen though this car only has 24,000 miles, the battery has only 29.01 Ah capacity, making it a 45 mile machine. That's not a deal-breaker to an island dweller or some other use cases, but indicates to me that calendar life aging of these packs has brought an end to the days of upgrading range via collision salvage, unless you luck upon a rare warranty-replaced pack. So what to do?

I'm seriously considering making a dune buggy out of this baby. No irreversible mods in mind yet, but removing the front and rear bumper covers eliminates a lot of the potential rubbing and ripping by greatly improving the departure and approach angles.
I know that the CV joints don't tolerate lowering, but will check on the angles involved in a bit of a lift. With the rear coil springs, a mild lift is very easy. For off-road tires, I'll start with the spare snow tires I already have, but there are plenty of options for narrow 15" wheels thanks to the ongoing aircooled VW Baja Bug and Sand Rail movement. Finding some taller rubber that will still fit in what remains of the wheelwells will be fun, but maintaining the size ratios for ASC and ABS function won't really matter for a trail runner.

Might EVen take it to a track day:

There was a user on here around 2012-14 who bought a 2nd car and planned to turn it loose off road, but I'm not finding those posts right now, I recall he never returned and posted progress.

So speak now if you want a bargain on a clean low-mileage silver car in need of a front bumper valence and headlamp before I have too much fun! :twisted:
jray3 said:
But EVen though this car only has 24,000 miles, the battery has only 29.01 Ah capacity, making it a 45 mile machine.

Might be worth doing a proper battery calibration as the BMU’s degradation algorithm is very conservative without regular corrections..
Thanks for that reminder, Mickey , and will do. My other i-MiEV get 100% recharges daily and fairly frequent excursions to two bars or less, but a crashed creampuff like this one or any used car one acquires may not have received that recalibration treatment in quite a while!
Was worth a try but as a SOC of 10% should be low enough to trigger BMS capacity re-calibration (battery voltage <339VDC) there doesn’t seem to be anything more left in the tank…