2011 Peugeot Ion for sale Scotland, UK, 60k miles

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Apr 11, 2017
Scotland, UK
After 6 years of ownership, I am selling my ion. :eek:

Fully working in grey colour.
61k miles.
I am the 2nd owner.
1st owner was council pool car.

During my ownership, I have treated the battery well. Very rarely under 30% SOC.
Only been down to 1 bar twice - never seen the turtle.
Car will do 40-50 miles on a charge - battery capacity approx 30Ah.

The factory recall on the airbag and brake booster have been done recently (<3000 miles ago).

Car comes complete with a 10A granny charge r for UK wall socket and a 3 metre 16A charging cable for public fast charging.
Car is currently on steel wheels with winter tyres. I also have the original peugeot wheels with yokahamas on the front and nexen on the rear to put on in the summer.

If you're on this forum you probably know about this car so I won't leave any more details. :D
I am regrettably selling this car as I am looking for something longer range which will allow me to do longer journeys in comfort.

Car is located in Dundee, Scotland.
Possibility of delivery in Scotland, or further in the UK Please DM for details.
Is this car still for sale and how much are you asking for your Peugeot?


Lez in Gloucester
Lez said:
Is this car still for sale and how much are you asking for your Peugeot?


Lez in Gloucester

Hi Lez,

I sent you a private message, but I guess you are no longer looking?

The car is still for sale, unfortunately without MOT - There is apparently excess corrosion on the brake pipes.

I'm seeking a second opinion as I was hoping to get it MOT'd for the new buyer but the replacement of the brake lines may no be able to be undertaken at my local garage and there may be some waiting time.
I'll provide an update if it is MOT'd, but in the meantime, it is available for sale as is.

The car is fully functional but could be of use to someone who needs to part it out or the new buyer wants to replace the brake pipes if deemed necessary.