Where is CaniOn? Or is it Cani0n?

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I totally confirm that a search with the name brought ( no result ) instead ODBZERO did show easy , so i did used the link and it did found it but keep saying ( waiting ) to download it from Google Play

The google play link is dead. Looks like it have been taken down. Also because its not opensource to my knowledge, you cant download the source and continue supporting it.
I have found a APK here:

Of course i do now know how trustworthy the source is. But before it also get deleted there, i downloaded it from there, packed it in a zip file and attached it to the forum here.

Yes, the recommendation is to not use it. The developer dropped support for it and offered it to the developer of OBDZero. To my knowledge the developer of OBDZero have not taken it. So if someone else want to continue the development of canion, then you should probably contact the developer as soon as possible before the developer maybe also delete the canion sourcecode from his computer. Then the app would be really gone forever.

Current developed apps are OBDZero (sadly at the moment no support for modern Bluetooth LE (BLE) adapters) and the not so recommended closed source path https://www.carscanner.info https://myimiev.com/threads/smartphone-tablet-apps-for-i-miev-c-zero-and-ion.4936/#post-43784


  • emobility-canion-152.zip
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I did a comparisation between APKPure and Softonic. They are not the same. Here the SHA256SUM of both:
c244880cb986d4fd7b4469f3798ca4617bad70b3ad2107add966a3f3de366fbe caniOn_152_APKPure.apk
61a65179db41386500e57b531092255a1871864ff16be44b14fd0d2c7cd2f87e emobility-canion-152.apk

I attached the APKPure APK file to this forum post. The people can decide on their own what exact version they would like to use if at all, because the OBDZero is opensource and maintained where canion is closed source and unmaintained.


  • caniOn_152_APKPure.zip
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