What is the answer to the question 'Which engine model was installed on Mitsubishi Lancer 10 CY2A'?

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Feb 2, 2023
Its for sure off-topc and this is the correct forum section. I cant find the answer to this question.
The i-miev have a ECU that is currently only reverse engineered by a single person on this planet like it seem. The person is named @kolyandex and have an own forum here: https://forum.kolyandex.su/ucp.php?mode=register
The answer to the question 'Which engine model was installed on Mitsubishi Lancer 10 CY2A' is required to register on his forum. But i cant get the answer. I tried different options without success. I send a E-Mail to him but no answer (its widely known to not get any answers at e-mails from him).
Maybe someone could test and report the answer to the question to make a registration possible. The answer is btw not 4B11T. Also not 4B1, not 4B11, and not 4B11T I4-T. Also its not 2.0L and not 2.0l. I am out of ideas.
4B11T turbocharged I4 - i tried and it did not worked. Like you see in the first post, i already tried some variations of it. None have worked.
Since then i also tried: 4J10 and 4J1 and that also have not worked.

Maybe this subtlety is to avoid bots or some such.
Yes, on the linked registration page is already written: This question is a means of preventing automated form submissions by spambots.

I still have no idea what to enter there to register.
Thanks. I also tried B11, 4B12 and 4B12T now. I get the same error like always:

You have provided an invalid answer to the question.

Maybe the more productive way is to enter directly in the form the possible answers. Here again the link:
You do not have to use it to really register. Just test the answer. Go to the website, enter at the bottom the possible answer and press Submit.
Because you have entered nothing but the last line where it asks you, you would get this list of errors:

The username you entered is too short.
The password you entered is too short.
The password confirmation you entered is too short.
The email address you entered is too short.
You have provided an invalid answer to the question.

If you somehow get to the place where there is no You have provided an invalid answer to the question. after pressing the Submit button, please write here what you have entered into the last line.
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If you do a web search for mits lancer CY2A, then you will have a hit for a video on utub that shows the location of the VIN, engine code, paint code, etc.

If you watch that video then you will find the answer.

video link
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Because to find the answer in such a bad quality video, and its exactly at 0:42 in the video, lets keep it like this. Its somehow a funny solution and i wont spoil the answer here :D
I would love if somehow a spambot gets so extremely good to follow this thread in a completely different forum, watch the video, find the answer in the video and enter it in the form to register into the forum. I think then there wont be any secure place in the internet any more without spam.
Thanks! Question answered.