TPMS and nail in tire

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Feb 10, 2015
I now appreciate having the TPMS on these tires.

I had the light go on and made Teenager stick her head out passenger window (in the rain) to check on the tire. Of Course she didn't see anything but when we stopped at her dentist appt I looked and could hear the HISS from the pass rear tire.
Good thing it was next to an auto parts store. Stopped in to get a cigarette lighter plug air compressor (not sure what to call them). I had one before but it was bigger, heavier and crapped out 6 months ago.
Good news, it was on sale and small/lightweight too, $15. Takes 8 minutes to inflate a tire. Sounded good to me.
Gave her a pump hoping I could make it through the appt before it went flat.

My Tire/Garage place I always go to (Sullivan tire) was about 4 miles on the other side of town. That is ok and I made it there with 1-1/2 hrs till close. Good thing they like me :)
Plugged the tire, $15 (normally $25) --- because I brought them in cookies. He said it was because my tire was so tiny :D We make jokes about my car all the time as they are used to my Big F-350 diesel. LOL

With my truck, I usually know when I start to get low, I can feel it. But with these tiny tires .....
Don't you have the standard tire pump under the back seat (with the tire repair filler)?

Having had a flat before, I can say it works. We keep the pump in the glove box and use it to check the tire pressure once in a while also.
kiev said:
Good to hear that the TPMS works as intended, and that the leak didn't strand you in the cold...
Not cold here.. yet. In the 50's !!! Unseasonably HOT this year.

I keep the back seat down the majority of the time and could not be bothered with playing with that. PLUS, 1) I forgot it was there. 2) I will need it for the Truck too.
Unfortunately, I WAS stranded in the cold this past Monday when I got a flat on my front driver's side tire. I tried using the tire repair kit, but the damage was too severe. All I got was a puddle of tire sealant on the pavement and a still-flat tire. I called Mitsu Roadside Assistance. My Meepster was outside of the 36-month tow warranty (by a few months). So, I had to pay over the phone before they would dispatch a tow truck.

Unfortunately, it was 22°F and dark out. I had already spent a good amount of time outside in the freezing cold trying to repair my tire, to no avail. I only had 3 bars of power left, and the tow truck took 1.5 hours to arrive. I set the heater to just two notches above the green neutral dot and toughed it out. Luckily, about 15 minutes before the tow truck got there, my wife finally got home from work and was able to come to me in our minivan so that I could wait in relative warmth for the tow truck to arrive. She also picked up some dinner along the way!

I experienced one of the less-ideal situations for getting a flat in an iMiEV!