The elusive blue i-MiEV

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Apr 29, 2015
Laurel, MD
I'd come to believe I'd imagined it, but here it is, probably the same blue i-MiEV that I saw very near the same spot six years ago (opposite my own white i-MiEV):


I was just leaving the parking lot, and this car suddenly appeared, directly behind me. So I turned around and came back to grab some pics. (I tried waving to the driver -- as indeed I did six years ago -- but if she saw me, she justly ignored me as a crazy person.)

I love this color BTW, similar to my old Prius.
TobyGadd said:
My wife and I have a blue one and a white one. They are painfully cute together in our driveway--although our big-truck neighbors scoff.
Those big-truck neighbors might scoff, but you're laughing all the way to the bank! I am having a hard time not replying sarcastically to anyone who gripes about the cost of gasoline as they've had ten years to investigate the modern electric car. Maybe the Ford Lightning, Rivian , Cybertruck, etc. will get your neighbors' thinking...