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Dec 6, 2011
Tacoma area, WA
Starting a new thread, as though I rarely want to to spoil a hidden gen in online auctions, I'm happy to serve as spoiler to the salvage yards! If you're in the LA area and want some alloy wheels, this burned out i-MiEV with good wheels ought to sell for less than the price of wheels. (Fire wasn't hot enough tto pop the tires, but burned out the cabin and motor bay. Nothing else appears salvageable, but there's a chance you could be surprised by the condition of the pack...
Looks like there’s also two crashed silver 2012s, both with damage to the front right suspension. The SE Premium looks to be quite repairable (as long as they rolled up the driver window).

Kinda curious on the backstory on some of these cars. Sadly, the burned car looks like the fire started underneath and breached the interior, so I really have my doubts on that battery pack surviving. If memory serves, is this the first I-MiEV to burn up?
Here's a purple 2012 with 59k miles that was a donation to charity, only damage appears to be cosmetic on the driver's door. Anybody got a daughter ready for her first sacrificial victim? :roll:
A good set of alloy wheels in the LA area for $100 Buy It Now (with a burnt body on top). Could still be a buy before Thursday for a local owner with a trailer, just pop off a few parts n head straight to the scrap yard, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the battery actually has some good innards…


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