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Here's a couple of screen shots of the battery. It's about 9 F outside, so I couldn't test the AC. Does the battery look alright for being cold and low charge?

It doesn't have the MiEV remote, got some scratches, but everything else seems okay.
PV1 said:
Here's a couple of screen shots of the battery. It's about 9 F outside, so I couldn't test the AC. Does the battery look alright for being cold and low charge?
The difference from the highest voltage cell (3.78v) to the lowest voltage cell (3.76v) is only 0.02v. That looks good for only 3 bars left. The battery is at 45º F. Was the car inside before you test drove it? You used 11 bars to go 17 miles. You must have used a lot of heat. You still have almost a year left on the warranty for the AC if there is a problem.
Looks as good as mine. I'm amazed by only two hundredths of a volt difference across 88 cells at a low state of charge in the cold.
RobertC said:
You used 11 bars to go 17 miles. You must have used a lot of heat.
How do you figure that? My test drive had some miles, but not 17. I used 4 bars, though the first one disappeared quick. Heat was on high to clear the windshield. Both of these screenshots were taken while parked in the lot.

Based on the temperature of the pack, it must have been inside, then moved outside around 9:30 when I called the dealer.
PV1 said:
How do you figure that? My test drive had some miles, but not 17. I used 4 bars, though the first one disappeared quick. Heat was on high to clear the windshield. Both of these screenshots were taken while parked in the lot.

Based on the temperature of the pack, it must have been inside, then moved outside around 9:30 when I called the dealer.
The dealer's add showed a picture of the odometer and 14 bars.
It's been driven since. It had 19,297 miles and 7 bars when I started my test drive. At the end, it had 4 bars (I miscounted originally) and 19,303 miles.
Started charging it. The cells leveled out almost completely. I stopped the charge manually, and a couple of cells were .005 volts below the others. Those are cells 46, 47, 49, 50, and 52. See screenshot below. This battery looks to be just as healthy as Number 1, but I'll know better tomorrow.

Further battery discussion in CaniOn battery readings thread.
My new used 2012 MiEV ES arrived from Texas dirty but in fine shape yesterday. After a quick sponge bath, it is sparkling. I had no trouble registering it in California today. I was really nervous about purchasing an used EV sight unseen, but reassuring comments from people on this forum put my mind at ease. Fortunately the dealer I was dealing with completed the transaction without any problems. I paid for the transportation, but he arranged the shipping of my MiEV right to my doorstep--couldn't be any more convenient. It is too early to tell, but the batteries seem to be in fine shape. One last thing that I have to do now is to return the leased car.

I am one very happy camper.

If you have CaniOn, check your cell voltages when charging. In the upper end of the charge, they should be nearly even. My silver car came from Michigan, and is slightly out of balance and is only giving me a full charge RR of 54 miles. Of course, the temperature's been near zero degrees Fahrenheit all day. Funny how winter hits the same time I buy another car.

I just washed it tonight, and it looks a lot better now. It's in my friend's building right now so he can take it to the RV Show tomorrow. We're going to have it on display. The good news is the car will have almost two weeks at room temperature to thaw out. Hopefully the cells aren't damaged from sub-freezing charging.
My electric car arrived!!! Greggory is here!!!

In my gut I've been scared something would fall through... I've tried to do eveything I can, ask many questions as I could. Have had multiple conversations with my credit union to make sure I have everything.. I've felt a bit paranoid... Each step of the way, my fears proved groundless. Dealing with dealers often feels slimy and dirty and about 50% of the time it has been to my disadvantage, 50% to our mutual advantage. Will this be which type of encounter?

Until I learn the amount of and pay my tax for the car and get it registered with the secretary of state I am worried. Now I've discovered the dealership sent lots of paperwork, but no title. The clerk at the SOS said occasionally out of state dealers overlook sending the title and have to be reminded to send it. I pray it is only over looking...

Below is an entry from my journal about my car.... Any advice you have will be appreciated. Hope its all foolishly worrying...

I'm hoping people of good intentions exist as a rule...

From my journal ==================================

1:07 AM - 2AM Feb 11, 2015 -
I’m Scared AND My Stomach is Upset

I received no phone call that my car was coming. The dealership did not call me the car was coming. I happened to have called them and found out that it had shipped the day I called.

Now I am on pins and needles they maybe have hidden the fact there was no title to the car and it will cost me to get the title on the car... I can't drive the car without a title.

...except it looks like they did offer to sell the other car to the dealer in GR. They wouldn't try to shaft another dealer would they? ...or a customer? When I called back to speak with the manager, the receptionist said he was out for the day. When she transferred me to someone who could help me, I was asked to leave a message...

Until they send me the title and I discover what my tax fee is I am very uneasy...

As of a little over an hour ago I cannot legally drive Gregg. I paranoid? I should document my future calls to the dealership in case they are conveniently not available?

Other headings from...
The Journal of Greggory and Ben...
February 10, 2015

1st Day!!!

2:45pm The phone call.. The trucker is here!!!
1st impressions Truck coming around the corner//learning how to start the car (I thought
I knew how to.)
3:30pm.. boatload of reading...a lot of reading... really a LOT of reading!

4:30 pm Clouds pass over my growing joy. WHAT no title!!!

5pm OH NO!!! I’ve no phone internet connection to charge Gregg with
at a ChargePointCharger!!! 10 days before I get simple access to chargers!! (I wish the dealer
had told me the car was coming!)
9pm O My Honking Goodness - I’ve Got A Backup Camera!!!
and Oh!! that is some Nice Seat Heating!!!
To drive til I need to home charge or not...not.

If it makes you feel better, it took a while until I got the title after buying Koorz. It showed up in the mail. I'm not 100% sure of the law, but my impression is that as long as you have some sort of valid license plate (temporary plate most of the time), you should have no problem driving the car without having the title. When you finance a car, you don't get the title until the loan is paid off.

Here's how things went for me:

We drove our truck with Uhaul trailer in tow to the dealer 4 hours away by highway. I test drove the car, looked it over, asked about little things like the missing MiEV remote, made a deal on price, hit a roadblock with the warranties (according to corporate and a hidden page on their website, all warranties carry over to subsequent owners, remaining balance), and signed the papers. The dealer gave me a temporary license tag for the state I bought the car in (Ohio, valid for 30 days). With that, they said I would be able to drive the car until I get the title in the mail (took about 2 weeks) and get the car registered in PA. I received the title in the mail, stopped at the local registration place, paid my state taxes and got my PA plate, and then had 10 days to get it inspected. I got the car inspected, put the PA plate on, received my updated title a few days ago, and now Koorz is fully legal in PA. Now, my brother's driving it because the distributor went out in his car :lol: .
Ben, congratulations on finally getting your i-MiEV!

In California, out-of-state vehicles have to be registered within 10 days of entering the state. You might check your state's regulations, as it might be a good idea to at least start the process in order to avoid fines while you get the title issue sorted out.
First of all I'm starting to enjoy learning about Gregg and a friend with a J1772 will let me charge until I get my ChargePoint cards.

regaring registration, tax and titling...

The secretary of state clerk said she can't do anything without the title from the former owner (dealership).

Here is what I've found out today...


Wed. Feb 11, 2015, 10:02 am, spoke with sales manager. He said he would look into this with the title department at the dealership in one hour from now. (It will be 11:02) I will wait... this could be a simple oversight... Hope so..

Good news! He did say the tags are suppose to be 30 day tags not a one day tag ... That would allow me to drive it, though not get the paperwork from the SOS to satisfy my credit union (I will try to explain that to them and hope they will work with me...)...

Spoke with the sales manager again... Wed. Feb 11, 2015 4pm. Said he tried to call me but there seemed to be line trouble getting through. Said spoke with people who work on titling... Said they had been waiting for the check from the credit union to clear (received apx.. 1/29/2015). He expects in 3-4 days they will get the title mailed out.. He thought it was suppose to go to the bank... I told him he should send the title to me and I take it to the SOS and they put on the credit union as lean holder (as per Jodi at the credit union). Okay... 3-4 days from now...I should have the title...?

Meanwhile... I will relax and read through the manuals for the car...


...need to read to figure out how to put in windshield wiper fluid.... also change my forum id to include Gregg (i-miev) and Gracie (2003 Honda Insight) and Dovey (ancient Zero XU)
Congrats !
I am looking at a Used, but don't want to pay $10k on it if the book value is more like 8K

There was one not too far but they won't come down on their price. Oh well, I told them that if they couldn't sell it that they can call me with the offer I had told them yesterday.

Its at a dealer that obviously has no clue about EV's (from emailing them and not knowing what certain wording means)
Congrats on you I Miev Purchase !

Give yourself a couple of weeks to get used to driving it in your usual circle of destinations and you'll enjoy a more relaxed EV experience.
We'll soon have another one in the family

I found an SE Premium on eBay with less than 4,000 miles . . . . and my brother (who lives across the street) snapped it up

Just gotta wait for things in the mid-west to thaw out a bit so we can make the trip up to get it

From the 2016 i-MiEV thread,
Don said:
...We bought our car for $30K (before tax credits) and the Navi package would have been $3,500 more - My brother just bought an SE Premium with 4,000 miles on it with the navi package for $8700. It boggles the mind!...
Even better than what I paid. Yep, best EV bargain in the USA! Without a significant upgrade and all these used ones now coming off lease, why buy new?
I was torn where to put this question, as we now have a number of "Used i-MiEV" threads and this one was originally intended to address the technical aspects of the car - like many of our threads, it has morphed... anyway, from another thread -
davidricardo86 said:
There are so many used i-MiEV on the market its not even funny. What gives?
What we are seeing is cars coming off-lease and, as noted in a number of posts, the lessees are reluctant to part with their cars but the lease-holders are unwilling to negotiate. For us knowledgeable i-MiEV enthusiasts, this is great news, even if some of us early-adopters were to take a bath if we were to sell the car now. The general populace is, quite frankly, clueless as to the merits of this car and, unless they have owned an EV before, is even more clueless as to the car's ability to satisfy most peoples' daily driving needs. 'Professional' 'reviewers' have done irreparable harm to the car by their ignorant reviews - most notably CU, to which we have a detailed rebuttal (hmm, might be time to update it as it's two years old and we've learned a lot since then). It will be interesting to see how our forum membership makeup evolves as these less-expensive cars get purchased.

I just read the most excellent rebuttals to Consumer Reports. Thanks for the link. I wonder if we can write an article about the advantages and what we like about the imiev? Like an imaginary CR article that should have been. I'd like to start a thread on that!