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Jun 19, 2024
so I bought a pioneer radio to replace my parrot (because that is of no use to me anymore) now my buttons for the sound, the song changes and the mode buttons no longer worked. Then I did some research and bought this after that it half worked. By that I mean that the sound worked upwards, but that was the arrow up, the sound downwards worked occasionally and the mode button turned on Google speech. then I came across the idea to buy new buttons for my steering wheel. namely this one from AliExpress Now I also have to say that at first I didn't have any cruise control buttons, just a cover over them. but I had seen that there was a plug with 4 pins behind that cover, so I thought it would be easy plug and play, but not, now nothing works anymore, not even the volume is half the way it used to be, just nothing and the cruise control buttons are plugged in but they don't do anything. This is my radio btw Is there anyone who has/had a similar problem? and how did you solve this? I also know that they are 2 different problems, so if you can help me with one and you don't know anything about the other, no problem, every little bit helps thank you very much in advance


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