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Sep 25, 2016
Hi folks. I hope all is well.

I am putting for sale this 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV which was just reconditioned by Carmax and given the ultimate bill of good health by a nearby Mitsubishi dealer here in Atlanta, GA. I just took it in for its annual inspection at Roswell Mitsubishi, and this EV has absolutely no range loss or battery degradation.

It has been extremely well maintained given that it doesn't need all that much to begin with. Carmax saw fit to try to sell it for $8500 but due to lack of demand it was sent back to a wholesale auction which is where I purchased it. My wife and I have been using it as a daily driver since then.

The sun shades for the side windows offer a nice extra touch for those of you who want to drive around town with the windows slightly down in your daily commute. There's no real need to use the A/C if you're driving around town and the temperature is south of 85 degrees.

I am selling it for $6000 and I can be reached at (770) 262-9880. Carfax and 18 pictures are available upon request.
macarose, thanks for listing. A few questions -

1. Have you performed a battery capacity measurement and, if so, what was the reading?
2. Is this an ES or SE? If SE, is it a Premium?
3. DCQC?
4. What options?
5. How long have you owned it and why are you selling it?
Five answers...

1. Have you performed a battery capacity measurement and, if so, what was the reading?

The dealership, Roswell Mitsubishi, performed the battery capacity measurement, I can let you speak with them if you like.

2. Is this an ES or SE? If SE, is it a Premium?

SE, not a premium.

3. DCQC?

Not familiar with that term.

4. What options?

Power windows, door locks, alloy wheels, the headlights turn automatically on. Pretty much the standard SE model.

Oddly enough, it also has the same exact aftermarket stereo system that Mercedes retrofits onto their Smart cars after they get turned in Carmax also added the window sun shades and removed whatever dings had been there before they bought it.

5. How long have you owned it and why are you selling it?

I work as an auto auctioneer during the week and I also have a car dealership that's three miles my home. (Google 'Steven Lang and Cars'). I typically get a vehicle every three months for family use and then move on to something else. I try to get interesting vehicles in general for that purpose. In fact, I owned a 1st gen Honda Insight for four years and experienced a grand total of one dollar in depreciation while getting 55 mpg. I ended up spending $5850 for this one because there has only been one other i-MiEV that became available at the wholesale auctions I attend over these last two years. It's definitely a rare bird.

If you're really bored, you can also read this. I write a bit as well.
Macarose, thank you for coming back with your answers.

DCQC = DC Quick Charge, the ability to recharge the i-MiEV at a high rate (usually 50kW) instead of the normal Level 2 3kW rate, utilizing an external high-power DC charger. A good option to have when taking longer trips. The i-MiEV uses the Japanese DCQC standard called CHAdeMO. Since your car is a normal SE, it does not have DCQC.

Regarding capacity, Mitsubishi dealerships rarely share the battery capacity numbers, which are available on the OBDII given the proper adapter and software. I would expect negligible degradation with this relatively-low mileage.

Thank you for sharing your insightful article regarding some of the tax advantages of EV ownership. It's a moot point now, as the i-MiEV is no longer sold in North America.

"It looks a bit like a rolling bug-like mutation from a Japanese science fiction movie." :lol: That's a new one!

Wish you all the best in selling this low-mileage i-MiEV. Don't forget to tout its completely flat floor and 50cuft cargo space with the back seats down, its super-easy ingress/egress, and its terrific turning radius.