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Dec 15, 2011
Hills above Silicon Valley, California
A couple of weeks ago I sent an email to Pick-n-Pull asking them why they didn't have the i-MiEV listed in their pulldown menu. They just responded,

If a car is not available in the yard it will not show up on the list. You can also try using the ROW52 search on our check inventory page to see if you get better results.

I see that the i-MiEV is listed on that ROW52 search, although no i-MiEVs showed up in inventory for a radius of 500 miles from my house.
Don said:
What parts are you looking for?
None whatsoever. I'm simply looking ahead ... Pick-n-Pull evidently has two inventory search engines: ROW52 and TRACKER. I had previously only seen TRACKER and it didn't have the i-MiEV as an option which is why I sent them that query.