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Aug 10, 2023
Wiltshire UK
I have just bought a 2012 i-MIEV, UK RHD.

The driver's seat heater is permanently ON.

I can't find a User Manual or Service Manual that shows the kind of switch mine has.

It has a round push button.

It doesn't have a plug behind it, instead the two wires on the switch (red and black) head off towards the fuse box.

So I cut the wires, and found the switch doesn't latch, it just Makes when pressed.

Is the usual switch with a square button Momentary or Latching ?

Or does my switch toggle a relay when pressed, unlike the normal wiring diagrams that show it to be directly feeding the seat pad and thermostat via relay B-316 ?

Many thanks

Hi Michael

Strange, I have the same model but mine has a rocker switch, flip it, the light on it comes on and heating starts, flip it back, light goes off and heating stops.

Beware there are two switches the one for driver is underneath and a bit left of the steering wheel, the passenger’s lower down and in line with the gear shifter.

Use link below to access manual:



[Edit] sorry misread your query, you seem to have a different setup: no B-19 switch at all?
Thanks Mickey

The position you describe as the passenger switch location is where this strange switch is located.

I have now discovered the driver's switch, right where you said.

The led doesn't light up when that switch is toggled on.

There's only two plugs and wires under the passenger seat, no third one for the seat heating.

My guess is that odd switch is an after market switch to power some accessory, maybe for the two rear parking sensors this car has.

Thanks for the link to the Service Manual.

I already had that, and I will go through the step-by-step fault finding chart.

Okay, once I had found the correct switch everything fell into place.

The led doesn't work on the switch, so I was fooled by the unusual switch action - Up for ON , Down for OFF.

European/USA switch logic ?

I took the opportunity to move the switch to the spare position next to the "Passenger Airbag Off" switch.

Only there wasn't a blank to pop out, only the moulded outline.

So I carefully Dremeled an opening.

The switch is "sideways" now, I added a Dymo OFF/On label underneath.
Found a blank on the UK mitzybitz,com site to fill the hole.

It was part 73034 for the PAJERO SHOGUN V26W MK2 2.8T, but it fitted..

I searched for a new switch, but almost all that was available were switches engraved "HI LO".

Or a Hyundai Galloper switch that might fit, for £103 !!
I have just discovered that the mystery round switch with a push button is for a Cobra Car Alarm.

There are movement sensors on the windscreen frame at top left and top right.

Apparently the push button arms and disarms by combinations of button-pushes.

It doesn't seem to be doing anything so I'm leaving it alone.

Doesn't the car come with an immobiliser and an alarm ?