Re-Imagined: Mitsubishi i-MiEV Rendered As a Tiny Nissan EV

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Apr 29, 2015
Laurel, MD

Not quite as cute as the original, IMHO. Kinda looks like a Spark.
I agree. I'm not so sure it's an improvement in the looks department.
Small urban EVs would probably sell in the US if they were priced right. Perhaps something like the i-Miev will come back in another form when battery prices drop. Who knows, there may even be a Tesla or Chevy urban EV in the future.
I'm contemplating the purchase of another EV for longer distances, but I can't imagine giving up my i-Miev for all of the great qualities it has around town.
Those comments are all over the place :lol: .

Zephod, I've come to really like my Chevy Bolt. My theory behind its design is that Chevy wanted to quietly sabotage their EV, so they bought an i-MiEV and copied it, thinking that the worst selling EV in the US would be a good start. Turns out, if there ever was a mainstream i-MiEV, I think the Bolt would be it. Outstanding performance, range, and efficiency, all in a comfortable and usable package (although the i-MiEV is still easier to park and haul things in, and don't get me started on the windshield wipers :roll: ).
PV1 - The Bolt is definitely on my list. I just checked one out at my closest Chevy dealer, mostly to see if the seats fit me. I've been reading a few complaints about how they're too narrow. The Bolt seats seem fine to me and I like the interior.

Back on the subject of small EVs, Honda showed of a couple of concept EVs, one of which was a small city car with cartoon-like looks.

They've also shown a sporty EV, which would be cool if they really produced it.