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Feb 12, 2013
Kalamazoo, Michigan
I know there are i-miev owners lurking in Grand Rapids, Holland and likely other cities. There are 3 NDEW events happening in my region - Hastings, Kalamazoo and South Haven. We can arrange to have Level 2 charging.

The Hastings Date is: September 9th at 11am
South Haven is: Sept. 11th at 5pm
Kalamazoo is: Sept. 13th at 5pm

By participating you increase the odds DCQC and L2 WILL be placed in the region sooner rather than later. Yes, individuals do matter.

contact us via the NDEW website under Kalamazoo
Update and more on the importance of participation.

Link to Kalamazoo:

Now to the importance - As you know, 2 billion dollars is being distributed by VW for states to support charging infrastructure. There is to be a big emphasis on DCQC. States submit a plan for handling the monies and the monies are distributed in 3 or 4 allotments.

Now to Michigan - the auto state.

While states like California put in their plans and will be receiving their first round of money, Michigan law makers and public groups had not heard one peep until the last moment about putting in public DCQC charging along the interstates other than the Detroit region. In fact we essentially turned down the first round of several million dollars that was supposed to go to Michigan. There alledgedly didn't seem to be enough interest or drivers to warrant DCQC placement outside of Detroit according to one source. Factions ready with money and infrastructure to install DCQC were discouraged and withdrew support.

Michigan finally got its act together after that and did draw up a plan for using the grant. Note this in this plan: it channels a portion of monies for charging infrastructure to develop business plans for corporations to OWN self driving electric car subsidiaries. Ummm.... one possible future, only self driving cars owned by these corporations will be allowed to access some highways.

I have talked face to face with Bosch representatives as well as at least one Nissan corporate rep. From their mouths to your eyes, the number of electric cars that show up at these events, the enthusiasm and knowledge of the owners and the interest of the crowds make a difference on the weight they and other parties give to deciding where to place DCQC and L2. Will they be all in Detroit or along the interstates - sooner or later - will it be for the public - or focused on corporations?

You matter. You will make a difference in how easy it is to drive your car across states, positive or negative. Participate in your own local NDEW event and every chance you get. Friends in Michigan, especially with i-mievs please help us.