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Sep 4, 2012
You may recognize the author (jray3 around these parts)

Long Term Review: 10,000 Miles In My iMiEV-Jay Donnaway

My thanks to Jay for putting this together, there is never enough info/publicity for the iMiEV out there, I know myself personally have been a little lax with the coverage of late.
Excellent write-up!

We need more articles like this one out where the general public can see them

MLucas said:
Nice review.

JRay - where did you get the moon hubcaps? I like them a lot!

Here is another shot of Jay's hubcaps that we didn't end up using in the article:
Fantastic write up!
Nice to see this long term positive report & made available to the public.
Hopefully will demand some attention from some of the other auto review organizations.
Thanks all! I got the moons from JC Whitney. They're plenty stout, but be warned the steel grippers on the back make a crinkling sound that the disks amplify when you roll, so much so that a buddy has nicknamed the car Jiffy Pop! :? I hope to quiet it by setting the retaining ring on the backside of the cover in silicone, and maybe adding some tape to the grippers. Right now it's all metal on metal.