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Dec 1, 2015
The Laurentians, a skip away from Montreal, Quebec
There's no mention in the Canadian car manual as to jack points.

A forum search mentions that the jack point are located just behind the front and in front of the rear wheels?

So the jack points are basically the rail cutouts when lifting the car at the garage?

Can I lift each corner / wheel when swapping summer to winter tires?

Recommendation appreciated,
There is a vertical seam under the car about 3/4 inch tall where the unibody is welded together. About a foot behind the front wheel and about a foot in front of the rear wheel you will see a 2 inch 'notch' cut out of that seam - Those are the jack points. Every Japanese built car I've ever seen has a similar place for placing the jack

If you jack from the rear point, you can lift both the front and rear wheels off the ground at the same time which makes it easy to change both tires

Hello Don, is it safe to jack the car via the black suspension bar?

I just tried the rear (placing the jack on the centre bean) and was able to lift both tires quickly + there's no suspension travel so it goes quick.

There's also a front suspension bar that run between both front wheel and it also has a centre point where I can lift both wheels simultaneously.

Jacking any car using any suspension members should be done very carefully - I wouldn't recommend it. Do so at your own risk. I'm sure there are probably places where it could be done without bending or breaking anything, but it's not something Mitsu would recommend

When having my current set of rears put on, they lifted the car by the suspension tube. I wouldn't, as mine flexed more than I was comfortable with before the tires lifted up.

On the front, I use the point where the front subframe bolts to the car. If your jack has a wide pan, just be careful as the brake lines are on the other side of the frame rail.

See pictures here of where the dealer used the lift when replacing my battery:
Hello PV1, thank you for the pictures.

I was wondering if I could life both front wheels using the front black suspension bar?

In one of your pictures you see a black square right in the middle (between front suspension) I was thinking of jacking from there?

FYI: there was zero flex lifting it from the rear suspension bar.

Yes, the front bar can be used. I've used it in the past with no flex (not sure why my rear tube did, though).