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Jan 5, 2021
I need a replacement plastic lens for my 2012 iMiev i live in western Canada and will pay shipping1703445188456.png1703445188456.png1703445188456.png

I received this very disturbing PM (conversation) from member @rearly:

I wanted to alert you to a posted thread i got Dec25 2023 from a imiev forum member giftjonah82 that was a scam.

“Hello buddy, are you still interested in purchasing the right front turn signal lens for 2012 iMiev? If yes you can reach out to Philips, he has one for sale in good condition. Here’s his email [email protected]

It was in response to my post Dec24 2023 looking for a right front turn signal. He recommended Moore Philips who took my $65 sent by PayPal and hasnt sent the product or done anything since.

I recommend you blacklist giftjonah82. And Moorephi058 if he is in your system.

I have disputed the credit card transaction so i may yet see my $65.

This is so sad, as I don't recall this ever having occurred on our forum in the past.
Neither @Giftjonah82 nor @Moorephi058 are presently in our system, but @Giftjonah82 had been.

I've notified our Tech Admin and am soliciting his help in feeding @Giftjonah82 's information back into their security system.

@rearly, I am so distressed that this happened to you and I do hope you get your money back.

Let this be a warning to all of us.

Meanwhile, I suspect @rearly is still looking for that lens.
Rearly, sorry for your trouble. You didn’t post which lens you need. I only have a front drivers side (left hand) turn signal available.
-NVM, I see you need the right side
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Hi everyone and thank you for your concern. I did get the $65 back from the credit card / PayPal folks. I was so sure it was a safe transaction because it was on this forum... so enjoy your iMiev and be cautious when you buy anything on line. Reed
PS I am still looking for a right front turn signal


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