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New member
Mar 20, 2023
My iMiev was broken into, smashed the front passenger window. I can't find a replacement anywhere, does anyone have a car they are parting out or know anywhere I can find a window please? Will pay for window and shipping and any of your time too. Thank you.
I'd highly recommend Ingenext, and for the $47 they're asking, I'd rather keep my parts car weathertight!
Most cars use tempered glass for the front-side windows, which is cheaper. Gen 2 CX-5 (2017-present) uses laminated acoustic glass for the front side windows, which is much better for sound insulation but is more expensive to replace.
Where are you based?
I will be stripping a 2011 I-Miev shortly so , if you still need one then please stay in contact.
I’m based in Gloucester.