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Aug 10, 2023
Wiltshire UK
I find it difficult to locate the slot in the steering lock with the key, particularly when it's dark, for RHD the lock is shaded by the upper shroud.

And sometimes that causes me to hit one of the buttons on the key, which sets the alarm off.

So I've fixed an 8mm panel-mounted LED into the lower shroud adjacent to the lock, it comes on only when the driver's door is open, which switches the cabin lights on.


The led is spliced into the live (Brown) and earth (Green) wires from plug B-301 on the Junction Box located above the accelerator pedal on RHD cars.

These are the power wires from the ETACS-ECU for the Cabin lights.

B-301 is the small top left plug with 3 wires attached.


The lower panel above the pedals is held by two allen screws, and then pulls off with a straight heave.

The lower column shroud is attached to the upper shroud by two more allen screws, prise them apart with a thin flat-bladed screwdriver.

For safety disconnect the 12V Aux battery before starting.
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Yes I should eventually get the memory right, my wife has the same difficulty.

I've realised that the cabin lights stay on for a while, so the driver's door can be closed while I'm groping.