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Sep 1, 2012
Hi All,

Much has been written about using various systems/diagnostic tools to get an idea of how much HV battery pack capacity remains in our (mostly) venerable i-MiEVs (and clones).

I was wondering how accurate one could expect simply running the car to turtle mode and then measuring the amount of kWh it takes to fully charge it would be in terms of determining the car's battery capacity... and therefore useful range? I recently had opportunity to do this on my 2009 i-miev and found it took a good 13 kWh.

I'm guessing there must be a significant overhead in terms of charger efficiency and balancing energy. 13kWh capacity sounds pretty high to me for my car given that I usually don't get more than about 45 miles or so out of it but to be fair I've never accurately recorded its range, either. Perhaps a graph of charging rather than just a total kWh would be better as you could eliminate the balancing bit of the charge cycle at least...

Just a thought! MW