Harvest the Leaves (Nissan Laef ZE0 OBC thread)

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May 3, 2015
The Heart o' Dixie
Turns out the Nissan Leaf OBC uses the same diode and transistor package, aka the waffle plate, underneath the bottom board as in our cars. That's great because there are way more Leafs available to cannabalize parts for miev repairs.



They have a Power Distribution Module (PDM) easily accessible under the hood that has some goodies too. Omron contactors such as in our pack, and a nice 30A HV fuse similar to the 20A we have in the MCU.

kiev said:
If the relay does not get energized then the ceramic resistors will blow because they are carrying more current than intended;
they can only carry the AC for a very short time, enough such that the voltage can be sensed and reported back to the controller, which can then pull the return side to ground to drive the relay coil.

Diodes D311,312,313, and 314 are used as a bridge rectifier to convert the AC to DC, where it gets divided down thru resistors and sent across a photocoupler (aka Opto-Isolator), PC305, and thru the ribbon cable to the upper control board.

So there are multiple possible failure points for this critical function:
Presence of AC? check that off since it is blowing the resistors
Sensing of the AC?
Low voltage supplies? 5V used to drive the relay created on the upper control board
Relay return switching? transistor on the upper control board
Defective Relay? damaged contacts

IC501 is used to sense the HV DC on the Output side; your issue is on the AC Input side
Приветствую . Имею проблему с чарджером Лиф Зео 2012. История растянулась на полгода . В моем чарджере схожая схема блока и наличие такой же " шоколадки" . После первого ремонта паянный блок проработал 2 месяца создавая при этом в районе панели приборов ( как мне казалось ) лёгкий "трансформаторный" шум . Есть второй Зео( пока ещё живой ) и было заметно изменение звука.
На данный момент у меня 2 блока в ремонте . Одну " шоколадку" испортили фрезой при снятии компаунда . Поиски привели на китайский сайт . По артикулу и конфигурации очень похожа .Собираюсь заказать, списались , ждём обратной связи .
Хотел с вами связаться . Нахожусь в Киеве .
Проблема чарджеров для Зео нарастает .
Howdy Karsen and welcome to the forum, i am in USA, my name is kenny and i call my car 'kiev' :lol:

i'm not sure what you are calling the chocolate bar--if that is the big plate soldered underneath that we call the waffle plate, or is it the area on the power board with the black rubbery pottting material that contains the white ceramic resistors and the AC relay? Or maybe the goo that oozes out of a blown AC capacitor?

One of the moderators may want to move your post to the Laef OBC thread where there are some pictures, but don't worry we will find it.
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Here is a translation for english speakers:

Greetings . I have a problem with the Charger Leaf Zeo 2012. The story stretched out for half a year. In my charger, a similar block diagram and the presence of the same "chocolate". After the first repair, the brazed block worked for 2 months, while creating (as it seemed to me) a slight "transformer" noise in the area of \u200b\u200bthe instrument panel. There is a second Zeo (still alive) and there was a noticeable change in sound.
At the moment I have 2 units under repair. One "chocolate bar" was spoiled by a cutter when removing the compound. The search led to a Chinese site. According to the article and configuration, it is very similar. I am going to order, we wrote off, we are waiting for feedback.
Wanted to contact you. I am in Kyiv.
The problem of chargers for Zeo is growing.
Karsen said:
Одну " шоколадку" испортили фрезой при снятии компаунда . Поиски привели на китайский сайт . По артикулу и конфигурации очень похожа .
Mod. Edit - Google Translate:
One "chocolate bar" was spoiled by a cutter when removing the compound. The search led to a Chinese site. The article and configuration is very similar.
А что там можно было испортить? Обычно снимается вся площадка и ставится на это место свой инвертор. Может быть вы пробовали поменять несколько ключей точечно удалив сгоревшие? Это путь в никуда, менять нужно полностью инвертор.
Поделитесь ссылкой на китайцев.

Mod. Edit - Google Translate:
What could have gone wrong there? Usually the entire site is removed and its own inverter is put in this place. Maybe you tried to change several keys point by point removing the burnt ones? This is a road to nowhere, you need to completely change the inverter.
Share a link to the Chinese.