Ha! I just made a coast/neutral button!

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1. Is the motor connected to the wheels in N, as some posts worried where the regen goes to if the motor is connected when coasting in N ?
It’s my understanding that when coasting in N, the car actively creates an opposite field inside the motor to counteract any regen and thus creating the impression of ‘freewheeling’. No need to worry about where regen goes when the car is Ready.

Slightly different story should you have to tow a non functional triplet with the back-wheels spinning but that’s also possible (I did it myself)

2. Is it possible to code the amount of Regen, as I find even C is too much ?
Yes, it is possible based on 1. and already successfully implemented in the ‘one pedal driving’ option from OZ DIY, only a matter of time until some smart people reverse-engineer that neat trick also..
my understanding is the imiev synchronous motor is basically a big car alternator, and car alternators freewheel if the field coils are,nt energised, and they generate only when those field coils are energised (ie, more current passed through them = more output/regen)