Greetings from Michigan!

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New member
Mar 3, 2024
Hi, I’m new here. I just purchased a 2012 I-miev. We live in Michigan USA. I’m super excited to learn all about this car!

Nice - mine's black too.
What's the range, and how many miles has it done?
Currently it’s at 54 miles range, with 59000 miles…. However, the previous owner never fully discharged it, so I think I will gain range once I recalibrate it.

Welcome Aboard, Yootsvik! That will be interesting to see if your 31.9 Ah figure changes after a long-delayed calibration cycle. My car with similar mileage only rose from 28.9 Ah to 29.1 Ah 5000 miles after transitioning from careful grandma thriving to hellion granddaughter driving, but suffice it to say, these cars and their battery packs appreciate exercise!