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That i-MiEV review is sure garnering a lot of comments. I especially liked this one by Benjamin Nead:

I think what amazes me most about the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the misplaced outrage, incredulity and vitriol this humble little electric car brings out in some.
It's eminently logical, but the people who belittle it with the most pointed of vehemence typically aren't. Yet there's also true love for the thing from those who have taken the time to become familiar with it, as I have. It's as if it's the early 1950s all over again and the citizenry of middle America - resplendent with outsized, overpowered and ostentatious automobiles they've grown accustomed to without much forethought - has seen their first Volkswagen Beetle and doesn't quite know what to make of the phenomenon.

Phximiev said:
I am sure its safe to say that we are with you.
So, where is the dealer with all of the iMievs?
Thank you. I just checked online and the dealer in Normal, IL, has 14 2016s in stock...