Gas is up!

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Jun 16, 2012
San Diego, CA
The price of gas again just exceeded $4.00 in San Diego. The news shows some stations in L.A. at over $5.00. People are looking at my Miev with envy in their eyes.... :lol:
I expect the WTI to reach out for 99USD, possibly a pike at 108, then much lower.

Maybe we should sell our iMiEv when it hits 108 :twisted:
I heard the same thing yesterday in the news. Now that I don't go to gas stations anymore, I have to find out from other sources.

In Western New York, gas has risen .12 cents a gallon from last year and will increase by another .10 this week.
psyflyjohn said:
And my friends still joke about my "electric golf cart"...... :mrgreen:
With friends like that, who needs enimas? :lol:

On a related note, I wonder if I could use my i on the golf course... :D