Faulty onboard charger

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Thank you for the offer. If I can’t find anyone I’m more than happy to pay you to do it.

One question about my new obc. Which is the positive and negative connector? One says CHGB and the other one CHGN
In my Gen2 OBC unit the labels are "CHGN" and "CHGP", which gets routed to the Negative and Positive terminals of the High Voltage in the MCU.

Thank you! I wonder why they call positive for chgp and negative for chgn instead of just P and N
Yeah there’s probably a good reason. But thanks for the help, I really appreciate it, without this forum I wouldn’t be able to do it. Would be a mess if switched positive and negative
I swapped the battery obc withal a 2015 salvage one. Now the car is running normal again
That's good news, great job to swap out and get it working again!

Would you be interested to help some other folks? We could really use the parts from the circuit boards to repair 2 other forum members' OBC units if that is something you might consider. And at no cost to you.
I would be more than happy to help other people on this forum too so you’re more than welcome to take the board . Do you only need the boards or do you need the case to because the case is somewhat damaged from the removal but the boards are just fine (except the known issue)

Do you know the dimensions on the coolant pipe? As you know they changed the angle on one of the inlets and I think the corner is to aggressive for efficient cooling right now
Hey Lukas
Mikkel, South of Copenhagen, Denmark here.

Have you discarded the old OBC?

I am going to renovate mine this sunday and might have some of the parts to renovate yours as well.
Hello! I’ve sent mine to kievi to be used for repairs of other units. But thanks for the offer
I intended to do the repairs here in Copenhagen rather that sending it to the US

But I see that he has two cars waiting for repairs, so no biggi.

I will post pictures of my work later and you are welcome to find me another time.
LucasH said:

Do you know the dimensions on the coolant pipe? As you know they changed the angle on one of the inlets and I think the corner is to aggressive for efficient cooling right now

There are 2 coolant tubes, one out toward the left side of the car and one toward the rear. For Gen1 the rear pipe points straight down toward the ground and runs down under the OBC, but on Gen2 it is angled about 45 degrees up toward the right side of the car and is routed up between the MCU.

The rubber hose for a Gen 2 is shown here. Let me know if you need exact dimensions, there is a scale in the photo, but it is likely a custom made hose. i would think a straight length of hose could be made to work.

Thank you, my plan is to route the 45 degree one down to the older pipe. I need some kind of pipe that I den bend without blocking it inside. Do you know how thick the pipe is? I don’t have the tool to measure it.
Looking at the housing again i see that there are marks to align the metal fitting in either the 45 or the down position. It is likely pressed into place and would be difficult to remove, and just twisting it to the other position would result in a leaking joint.

i measure the OD at 17mm and the ID at 13mm, so the wall thickness of the metal fitting is 2mm.

The rubber hose OD is 22.5mm
Sorry i was unclear in my description. My intention is to buy a hose in the right dimension and connect it with the old one. I need some more length so I have something to work with
Yeah it wasn't clear what you were doing.

i would recommend to just buy a 50 or 100cm length of 17mm ID x 22-23mm OD rubber heater/coolant hose from an autoparts store and cut it to fit--just use one piece of hose, don't try to splice two pieces it makes more joints that are likely to leak.