fault code U111B

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Mar 22, 2022
Good morning
I had a P1A15 fault code on my Imiev which I repaired by adding a 4 M homs resistor to the circuit as indicated on the forum
after reassembly the car runs but no more load,
I plug in the charger, the 2 lamps light up green and yellow and the yellow one stops immediately, no charging
on the RAS dashboard
in the suitcase I have the default U111B
lack of communication with the electric motor computer
If you have an idea
after reassembly the car runs but no more load
i don't understand "but no more load". The car now goes to READY, does it drive ok?

Charging is done by the On-Board Charger (OBC) and does not involve the Electric Motor Control Unit (EMCU or MCU) which is also known as the Drive Inverter and is the box with the P1A15 that you modified.

The U111B code indicates a lack of CAN buss activity between the EV-ECU under the rear seat and the EMCU; A poor connection, open circuit of the wiring harness or other intermittent malfunction is present in the CAN bus line between the EMCU and EV-ECU. Pull out the rear seat and Check for rodent damage to the harnesses or corrosion in a terminal contact of connectors. Also check in the area around the OBC and MCU.