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Mar 22, 2022
Bonjour j'ai une Ion où j'ai eu un défaut avec le code défaut P1A15, j'ai réparé le problème en rajoutant une résistance de 4 M ohm, depuis cette réparation je ne peux plus charger, je n'ai aucun problème avec la valise, la voiture fonctionne bien, mais impossible à chargerQuand je branche le chargeur les voyants vert et jaune s'allument et le jaune s'é vous pouvez me donner un indice pour trouver le problème MERCI

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Hello I have an Ion where I had a fault with the fault code P1A15, I repaired the problem by adding a 4 M ohm resistor, since this repair I can no longer charge, I have no problem with it the suitcase, the car works well, but impossible to charge When I plug in the charger the green and yellow lights come on and the yellow goes out. if you can give me a clue to find the problem THANK YOU
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Howdy Daniel,

There is a Mits tech bulletin on how to check the EVSE cable, to ensure that it is ok,
The 4M resistor mod was for the Motor Control Unit. Your charging issue is now with the On-Board Charger (OBC) next to the MCU. Please see the Troubleshooting and Repair for OBC thread for details on the faults commonly seen in the AC Input and HVDC Output sections.
thank you for your comeback
I tried 3 charging cords and it's the same thing
what I don't understand there is no fault neither on the dashboard nor with the Diagbox software
Likely the white ceramic resistors in the AC input section of the lower power board inside the OBC.

There is no DTC for this failure, the system times out after about 5 seconds if no AC is seen on the power board.
Bonjour et merci de votre retour,
Vous parlez de ces 2 résistances en blanc je pense


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It looks like some repairs were done on this board, if it is out of your car. The little snubber capacitors have been changed and one of them appears broken open.

There is a thermal fuse inside one of the white ceramic pre-charge resistors that you put the red check mark.

Turn your phone sideways to get the entire board in the picture using highest resolution possible and we can inspect the board.
Merci de votre retour,
oui sur une première panne , j'ai été obligé de remplacer les 2 petits condensateurs,
la voiture a fonctionné quelque temps et la panne P1A15 est apparue, j'ai rajouté une résistances de 4 M Ohms comme indiqué sur le forum , suite à cette réparation le défaut P1A15 a disparu mais impossible de charger, plus de défaut je comprenais pas,
je vais vous faire des photos de cette carte

@Daniel11 said:
Thank you for your comeback,
yes on a first breakdown, I had to replace the 2 small capacitors,
the car ran for a while and the P1A15 fault appeared, I added a 4 M Ohm resistor as indicated on the forum, following this repair the P1A15 fault disappeared but impossible to charge, no more fault I didn't understand,
I will take pictures of this card for you.

Please check the diode drop voltages in the waffle plate, and check the resistance from the L and N Faston terminals over to the L and N solder junctions of the waffle plate.

P1A15: High-voltage system error​

The high-voltage circuit activation and shutdown are controlled by the EV-ECU. The EV-ECU also monitors the voltage of the smooth condenser in the MCU via the CAN communication.
  • If the charging time of the smooth condenser in the MCU reaches the specified time or more, the diagnosis code No. P1A15 will be set.


  • Damaged wiring harness or connector(s)
  • Malfunction of the high-voltage fuse No.1 (Main, 280A) (main battery assembly)
  • Malfunction of the main battery assembly
  • Malfunction of the MCU