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Well, as things go in the automotive world, it was getting pretty long in the tooth - Pretty much unchanged over the past 8 to 10 years and that's an eternity in the auto realm. Here's hoping they refresh things a bit and come out with an all new model which builds on all the positives that had in the original

Looks like the i-MiEV's demise has been picked up by a number of sites, with the usual eclectic collection of comments, especially those range-obsessed -



Nice to see some former (and present) forum members chiming in.

So, which other EVs have a completely flat floor with the back seats down like ours? It's becoming a bee in my bonnet as I very rarely carry any passengers back there and the seats are almostg always down.. :twisted: :roll:

It's still the overall, all around , most *practical* vehicle we've ever owned . . . . obviously, or we wouldn't have 3 of them

I vividly recall the day we took a test drive back in May of 2012. I was really impressed, and asked the sales guy to get with his boss and give me the best possible cash price he would be willing to accept, all fees included, out the door. But not wanting to make any hasty decisions, we went home and the wife and I talked it over . . . . for two days. On the third day, I got a check from the bank, made out to the dealer for almost $1K less than their best number and we headed back to the dealer. Carolyn was really embarrassed and wouldn't even go in with me - "They told you the the best price they are willing to accept!" After about 5 minutes of discussion, they accepted my check and we bought the car

I was still more than a bit apprehensive, I can tell you. This was new technology and the near $30K price (before the Federal rebate) was a significant investment. What really caused me to take a chance was I had been planning on converting a Mazda Miata to electric and even doing a halfway decent job of it was going to set me back right around $20K, not including the car . . . . and it wouldn't have A/C or heat or regenerative braking and likely would struggle to get near a 60 mile range, so the little iMiEV was very impressive, all around. In retrospect, buying that first one was one of the most satisfying purchases we've ever made

kiev said:
Piev sent me a link to asia nikkei automobile business section that Mits would stop making the miev...sad to hear.
Wait, they were still making them ? I thought they stopped a few years ago now.

Not surprising though. Not only is it no longer competitive, Mitsubishi are really struggling. They're completely pulling out of the UK and Australian markets and possibly others as well.
DBMandrake said:
Wait, they were still making them ? I thought they stopped a few years ago now.
They stopped the North American version a few years ago. Now, they're stopping altogether.
Well, it is sad... Too bad Mitsubishi never understood how to market in the USA (in general and particularly the MiEV.) Briefly they had a potential to dominate the early EV market the way Nissan did for a while.

Well, we got 8 good years out of ours (we're selling it as you can see in the forsale subforum.) Given that it (after tax credits etc) cost us about $16000 and that hopefully we'll recover $4000 at least on seeing it that works out to about $100 per month to so-to-speak "lease it from ourselves. And I estimate we saved about $5000 in fuel, and an unspecified amount in service it never needed compared to an ICE car.
So strictly from a financial analysis it's been a good, but not great investment.
What pulled it down from great is the massive depreciation significantly caused by it being discontinued, orphaned and essentially unsupported.

My for sale details are at http://myimiev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4867&p=42789#p42789


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