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Apr 29, 2015
Laurel, MD
I hesitate to post this, with its clickbait title, and much of the content. It's not as bad as the title, and he does say some true things, along with quite a few I take issue with. But, it's out there, so it belongs here.

Uploaded yesterday.
Won't be watching another of his reviews! Gave up on this one 3/4 of the way through.

Scathingly critical, totally biased, and wrong in quite a few respects.

For example, the charge door opening switch which he ridicules for having a fuel icon on it... look closely Mr Doug, it has a power plug instead of a fuel nozzle. He carries on about it being called the "i" in North America and yet it still has a MiEV label? Well Doug you might consider that MiEV stands for "Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle" so what's wrong with labelling it as such? That's petty stuff.

Overall an unfairly negatively oriented review of a cute little car which with a battery upgrade with today's technology can get 250km range, has great space inside and makes for a great little City Car
Yeah, I've often appreciated Doug's reincarnation of Jerry Lewis as a car reviewer, but it was obvious that though he spent some time on research, he barely covered any miles in the car and didn't understand how range estimation works. I usually don't spoil auction bargains, but that 16,400 mile creampuff is still up on for the next 16 hours and hasn't budged from $3500 in the last few days!
Wasn’t he affiliated with TheFastLane at one point? Pretty sure that was my reason to never watch any of his videos. TFL did a real hit piece on the car and somehow managed to run out of charge driving across Washington DC.

That said, I still love mine. Bear needed new wipers and a new 12 volt battery this week, and I’ve been enjoying driving it this week. I had Koorz for sale locally, but decided to keep it.