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Jun 9, 2019
I just made my steering wheel heated.

what I used:
- steering wheel heating pad from aliexpress
- mitsubishi outlander steering wheel leather cover from Mewant
- mitsubishi outlander clock spring from ebay

The process;

after removing the steering wheel, the original leather cover can be removed by cutting the thread. After that, the heating pad can be glued in place - I used double-sided tape and some carpenter glue.
The heating pad thickness is the same as the factory leather cover thickness, 1mm - so the Mewant leather cover fits perfectly - you find plenty of tutorials on fow to fit the Mewant leather cover on Youtube..

The two wires from the heating film needs to be connected to the outlander clock spring - it has 5 extra wires compared to the miev, so two can be used. A wire connector like used for arduino boards fits perfectly.

Once you changed the old clock spring to the new, the heating wires can be connected to 12v.




sorry - I tried to use this stupid process of posting pictures using my google cloud storage place - it still does not work.