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Jun 9, 2019

I found a 4mm diameter little watch on ebay for USD4. It fits perfectly inside the one of the climate control turning knobs.

the process is quite straight forward: after disassembling the knob - which includes removing the panel from the dashboard and clipping off a few plastic clips, the top if the inner button can be sawn off using a thin meatl cutting blade. The clock fits perfectly as a replacement both in hight and in diameter.

THe only modification the clock needs is to make a hole on the removable back plate of the clock and a small hole on the display - so that the yellow light of the inner button can shine through.

it is enough to secure the clock to the bottom of the switch with electrical tape - it holds it strong enough to stop the clock turning with the outer ring.


Mod Edit: if can't see image, try this: https://imgur.com/WbDB6Mw

The only downside is that for resetting the clock or to change the battery, you need to disassemble again the switch. But that can be a regular summer maintenance job, I guess.
Here's how you make it show up:


Imgur isn't as good of an inline host as it used to be, because they want to push their new(ish) social interface. But, it's not as hard as you guys are making it.
wmcbrine said:
Here's how you make it show up:...
wmcbrine, thank you for that.

So, using imgur, to make an image show up we not only need to encase it with the Img brackets but prefix the imgur site URL with "i." after the two forward slashes, and provide a ".jpeg" suffix.

I *think*, in following the video instructions by bradleydavidgood77, this is done automagically by the imgur site. :?: