Charging HV Battery Via CHAdeMO With Bench Power Supply

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Sep 1, 2012

I have found a few references on this forum to the ability to hack the Chademo port to close the 'dcqc relay' to permit charging of a badly discharged HV battery via the Chademo port. However I cannot find a definitive guide to this procedure. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
Howdy Martin,
i think there is a picture with the pins identified in the Tech Reference section,
Chademo Pinout

There is another post somewhere about how to connect a jumper on the dcqc relay and across some pins at the Chademo port to get the contactors to open and reveal the High Voltage on the Chademo lugs.
[EDIT found it]
It was a reply to Ben and includes the pinout picture plus the directions,
Thank you. I have started dismantling my latest victim (a pretty blue iOn) for what I gather will be a bad cell replacement - getting DTCs; B1476, B1477 and a few others that may be related to a dead 12V battery on my MUT3 clone (all taken one after the other to show full list of DTCs as the list extends beyond one 'page' - and taken after an 'erase all DTCs', switch on and try to go to 'ready' and then 'read all DTCs' again):



Cannion produces:

Any nsights welcome as ever. MW
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