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Oct 27, 2016
Front Royal, VA
Hello all. 2012 SE with approx. 27K miles. factory stock. Never had any problems in the past. Last week I started having what I believe to be not a problem yet but just an anomaly. Up to last week, when I plug in my level 2 EVSE to charge the car, it charges as normal. It would start charging right away no matter if I just finished driving or waited some hours to charge. It would charge as normal as stated in the owners manual.

Here's what happens now. I plug the level 2 charging cord in and the red plug led comes on and blinks for approx. 10 seconds then turns off. The bars and fuel pump are not shown at all during this time. No familiar clicks from under the car and no fan. I tried a different EVSE with the same result so I'm fairly confident it's not the EVSE equipment. I have another elec vehicle and the same EVSE's both works correctly on it.

It appears to not start charging. Last night I plugged in the EVSE in an attempt to charge the car, same anomaly as listed. I left the EVSE plugged in overnight to "see what would happen". When I went to bed I had 4 bars of a charge. When I checked it this morning the car was completely charged. Next I thought, maybe the charge timer is on. Even though I know how to use the charge timer, I don't use it. My remote functions correctly and no one has had access to my remote during or before the times the anomaly has occurred.

Has anyone seen this anomaly? Is it a precursor to the familiar charger fail I've been seeing? Also if there's something else you suggest I check please let me know. I don't care if it waits a while to charge as long as it charges. I plan to set up a camera in the car and see how this anomaly is happening.

Thanks in advance for info.
Get a flashlight and look down into the charge port sockets to see if there is any debris, moisture or insects. A cotton swab dipped in alcohol can be used to clean them out. i had fireants build a nest in my evse handle and over time the crushed ant debris was shorting out the terminals in the port and the handle.
Thx Kiev. I read about the fire ant problem you had. I've looked already but I will look again to ensure that I haven't missed something not so obvious. :mrgreen:
twiin640, I've been mulling over your 'anomaly' since you posted, and suspecting the Remote would also have been my second choice (after kiev's fire ants). If all else fails, I went to the owner's manual and nowhere (that I could find) do they mention a blinking dashboard charging light; however, here's this gem in both the "Charging cannot be started" and "Regular charging is discontinued" Charging Troubleshooting Guide that might also explain why your car charged up at some point during the night:
The temperature of the main drive lithium-ion battery is too hot or too cold to charge.
What have your summer temperatures been recently? :?