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I think that they still carry white Tyvek here:

Just click the 'white' button.
OK really dumb signage if it is Either OR. Not knocking you as you fit both bills..... you just know someone is going to take advantage of that like they do regular EV spots.

FYI, the VW Bug size cover should fit us. I parked next to one the other day and the 'i' is just a bit taller and a hair shorter
Phximiev said:
Ok, here is the Budge Cover. Again we are particularly pleased with it.


We use it every day for the 'Miev as its parked under the tree. And recommend it again. It has particularly helped with the recent temperatures.


We charge more or less every other day and at night unless the garage is free.
Before leaving for Canada, we “budged” the iMiev hoping for no issues upon our return. Unfortunately, our neighbor texted us that a heavy wind had shredded the Budge. We found it in tatters upon our return.

While it lasted for 7+ years, it was becoming threadbare in a lot of areas and we had “duct taped” a number of torn areas.

Now for the next cover ….
This is the Budge cover we ordered and just received. Its much sturdier than the Tyvek cover:

Also has a 7 year warranty.
The best material is a synthetic fabric made up of multiple layers, such as solution-dyed polyester and acrylic microfibers. These synthetic fabrics can be just as soft as cotton, but they also provide natural resistance to ultraviolet light and mildew, as well as water repellency.