Buying a used 2011 iMiev from Norway

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Hey guys I have another set of screenshots for you to dissect. I took a look at 2 more iMievs and need your help in understanding their health.

This first one is a 2011 model (12 month 2011 manufactured). Odometer reading is 101K km:




The second iMiev is year 2012 (September 2012 manufactured) Odometer reading is 90K km. Is this by any chance an improved battery iMiev? I know those were made after the summer of 2012.




Consider that the prices for both are identical! Which would you choose? Thanks!
38.1Ah and 38.3Ah are both very good for the mileage, so I would go by other factors, in particular age.

There is no 100% guarentee that the September 2012 car is using the new cells as we don't know the exact cutoff date but you at least have a good chance whereas the 2011 car will definitely not have the new cells.

If the newer car does have the new cell type then over time they should degrade significantly slower than the car with the older cell type. At the very least the cells are at least a year newer and age is also a contributing factor to cell degradation so the newer the better.

If you are happy with the newer car in other regards that is the one I would choose, and it should be dramatically better for range than the original 27Ah car you looked at!
Hey DBMandrake,

Thank you for the feedback. I bought the newer 2012 version! Very happy with the purchase so far, now I just have to get rid of my diesel SUV and I will be totally green! :D