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Feb 1, 2024
I have a 2012 IMiev with 25,000 miles. Recently I moved to a hilly area and immediately found that the car quickly goes into turtle mode on any climb. This made me think there must be a bad battery cell (or cells), so I got a car scanner to verify the possible depressing situation.
I was happy to discover that the cells were all very even and normal. What I did find was that the temperature readings were way off. The even cells were all in the the upper 180s F range and the negative cells were all in the -56 F range.

Anyone knows what I can do?
Hello and welcome to the forum
I’m afraid you do seem to have an issue with your HV battery; what you describe is one or more cells dipping below 3V when under load (going uphill)

You might get someone to drive while you monitor the cells when the tortoises appears. Not sure what scanner you’re using but it may not read the temperatures correctly..

Another thing to bear in mind with older cars is the health of your 12V aux battery..
Thank you for your reply! I will monitor the cell voltage on a hill as you suggest. I’ll also take note of the scanners name.
I had similar issues with a obd link mx and took it to the repair shop. They scanned with theirs and said all good but common anomaly with bluetooth consumer scanners