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Jay Leno (who has some of the most valuable cars on the planet) doesn't back into or back out of for that matter, his garage - He pulls in onto a turntable so he can rotate the car 180 degrees and pull out forward just like he pulled in ;-)

Check out pictures 20 thru 23

I have to back into charge at my spots. Only ChargePoint seems to have really long cords.

Fortunately I got the rear camera and the I-MIEV is so maneuverable.
During our recent Tesla Canadian trip we stayed at a motel that had this sign. My wife is showing her displeasure at me breaking the rules (but I did clear it with the motel staff, who were still gobsmacked by the car).


What did bother me were the number of oversized diesel pickup trucks already parked there that were blatently violating this rule.

While visiting friends in Hollister a few weeks ago, we came across a street that had been modified during the pandemic to allow restaurants to have open-air dining (quite common around here). What caught my eye is that they had simultaneously instituted back-in parking.



(This is also a test to see if my own website migration worked and that I can actually access it...) :geek:

I'm happy to see that more and more vehicles in parking lots opt to back into the spaces.
"...electric utility that insists on reverse-in parking in the name of safety."

Interesting to know who/what prompted the utility to mandate this. I would think that it would be cheaper for them to mandate purchasing electric cars with aft charging ports instead of performing the custom mods of relocating the charging inlets.

No one has yet given a good reason for the goofy location of the charging port in front of the driver's door.

Long time coming, but the movement is growing... my wife has now adopted back-in parking everywhere and happily recounts how adept she is at it. :)