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After watching those, I would rather park it myself as I could do it faster.
Best used by people that can't park well LOL JK
JoeS said:
I'm in love - videos showing Tesla (v7.1 software update) autonomously backing into perpendicular parking spots
The Tesla can probably 'see' of sense many impending dangers that the human operator could easily overlook, so I agree - If you like back-in parking, please be safe and buy a Tesla . . . . no doubt the car can do it better than you can

(Joe, you'll like this)

New personal policy put in place today. Unless marked, I am now backing into every parking spot. This morning, I was backing out of a space, past the point of yielding to cross traffic, when a guy decided to drive right behind the car I was driving (company car, not the i-MiEV). I was looking the other way at that moment when I noticed movement in the rear view mirror, and immediately hit the brakes to avoid a collision. The guy then proceeded to run the stop sign on his way out of the lot, but he wasn't in a hurry.

I know there'll be disagreement, but a parking space is a much more controlled environment to be driving into half-blind. Plus, an empty space can be scoped out before parking (you drive past then back in, right?).

OK, rant over.
I'm a proponent of back in parking! It has only one drawback. That is, that if other drivers are around they are completely befuddled by the maneuver preceding backing in. I mostly back in to park, but too often there are just too many other vehicles jockeying for parking space for it to be practical. In those cases I go nose in. Ironically the busy lot (to disruptive if you back in) is the one that you really should be leaving your space going forwards!

PV1, glad it didn't end up being a crunching experience.

Aerowhatt, I understand what you mean by people being befuddled as you first pull forward and then start backing up. I find that turning on the emergency blinkers keeps them at bay and before they have a chance to recover, I've backed in! :eek:
JoeS said:
Aerowhatt, I understand what you mean by people being befuddled as you first pull forward and then start backing up. I find that turning on the emergency blinkers keeps them at bay and before they have a chance to recover, I've backed in! :eek:

Excellent idea! Doh . . . I should have thought of that :oops:

JoeS said:
PV1, glad it didn't end up being a crunching experience.
It probably seemed a lot closer than it was, but I still would've seen him sooner if I was pulling forward out of the spot, especially more so in the i-MiEV (with it being "snoutless" :lol:. Believe me, the lack of a front end has saved me from a high speed collision with a BMW.)

New policy is working well so far. If someone else is around when I'm trying to park, I usually put the turn signal on to say I want the spot.

As for the Seinfeld clip, you drive past a parallel parking spot and back into it. George is right. The exception (though not in the book) is when there are two consecutive spots. Then one may pull in nose-first.
Some of you might chortle - a couple of days ago I received this "warning" issued by a private security guard at a local hospital.


Found the guard who gave me this warning and asked him (nicely) why?
"Because it's not safe"
He didn't want to talk about it at all but just said not to do it.
So I went upstairs seeking the head honcho of Facilities but she was not at work yet (it was around 9:30am) but I talked nicely with her assistant who had never heard of such a restriction and we discussed the pros and cons of this technique and I left her my contact info and she promised that someone would get back to me... not holding my breath.
tigger19687 said:
That's BS, unless it was Angled parking ??
Nope, this was one of the few spots in the garage that is actually perpendicular to the wall and very easily-accessible by backing-in without blocking traffic (there was none, anyway, as I had gone in very early). Still haven't heard back from them... :evil:

Just another reason for me to avoid Wal-Mart.

However, I don't have any pictures for the collisions backing in has avoided ;) . I very nearly got taken out at Little Caesar's a few weeks ago. Some idiot in a hurry flying into the parking lot :roll:
Large department stores must be different in my neck of the woods - Can't remember the last time I saw a parking lot where the spaces are not angled in - If you back into those (and some idiots do) then you're pulling out against the flow of one way traffic

I *think* the preponderance of 'angle in' parking spots it to deter people from even thinking about backing in, especially in states where we only have a license plate on the rear - Back in parking is actually illegal many places for this reason . . . . the law wants your rear plate to be visible when you're parked

Works for me! - I hate front license plates, so if that's the price we pay (no back in parking) I'm all for it :D

Interesting Florida law about that - good thing I didn't get a ticket when I backed my Tesla into the Superchargers during last year's trip (I have no front license plate on that car either, which is illegal in California). :eek:

Hmm, now that I think about it, many (if not most) of our parking lot spaces are perpendicular to the traffic flow (get more spots that way), but there is one local town parking area that has them angled, and there's a public EVSE that I need to use occasionally which means backing-in to charge. Happily, the i-MiEV is soooo maneuverable that it's not an issue at all.
Always on the lookout for progressive solutions for traffic and parking issues, I was gratified on our latest Tesla cross-country trip to see many more communities across the country adopting roundababouts in lieu of traditional traffic lights; but I digress...

Just before reaching the Wyoming border in Idaho we came to Victor, Idaho, and another pleasant surprise: they have extensively adopted back-in parking! This is farm country, and perhaps their locals are more skilled at maneuvering their cars than city-folk, but it was great to see this wholesale adoption of my favorite parking technique! Note the great visibility the cars have of oncoming traffic and bicycles when pulling out of the parking spot.



^ a much more sensible approach to parking, especially is the main road through a town is also the one that you need to park on - which is probably more common in the US than most other places come to think of it. Safer too, as you can load your shopping into the car from the sidewalk/ pavement, and you may even have a safer view of the road when rejoining it.
Wow, Joe! Overhead drone footage to supplement the ground views - Tell us more about your drone equipment

Drones are on my bucket list - this was nothing more than a screenshot of a Google Map satellite view of this town's main street; I should have given them credit up front. Subsequently, I googled back-in parking in Victor ID and I see that it was not without controversy, and was evidently mandated by the state.