2013 OBC, modified to fit 2012

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Mar 31, 2018
part number 9499D442
Manufactured 2013.03.05

I have a 2013 on-board charger that has been tried for a month. It is ready to install with all the 2012 connectors and a modified coolant hose. Pick-up is possible in the Montreal area but I can check shipping costs to your address. After replacement, the only thing to do is to top up the coolant and run the coolant purge cycle(s). You must use the Mitsubishi Blue coolant (or equivalent).

It will fit in place of a 2012 OBC part number 9499C662, 9481A095 or 9481A161 (and others possibly).

12VDC and High voltage connectors have been replaced with 2012 connectors.
120/240V charging cable and connector has been replaced because it was missing from the salvaged part when I got it.

If the fuse was blown in the Motor Control Unit (MCU, the box on the right when you look from the back of your i-Miev), you will also need to replace the fuse.

In any case, your should first check with your dealer if the newly extended warranty applies. If it does not, send me a PM.

For info, figuring how to work safely and where the parts were, replacing the unit and the connectors took me 20 hours. Replacing the unit only should take between 3 and 5 hours. You MUST disconnect the 12V battery, remove the traction battery plug and drain some of the coolant to proceed. Both batteries must be reconnected to perform the coolant fill and purge.