2012 iMiev, bad charging unit!

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Jun 30, 2018
I had problems charging, read up on the forum, then had my iMiev towed to the dealer for inspection. Main Charging Unit is shot. $4,800 for a fix. Yeah, no.

2012 SE with quick charge. 81,000 miles.
New manufacturers main battery installed May 2017 under warranty, so about 15,000 miles on new battery. All recalls completed.

Wondering if there is a worthwhile parts market out there or anyone looking for a project? I’d rather help the cause than simply junk it.

Located in Central Illinois, between Chicago and St Louis.
Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your charger problem.

We have started a charger troubleshooting thread due to the seemingly high number of reported failures lately. Hopefully we can determine if there is some age- or temperture-related component failure that could be replaced for a low-cost repair of the charger.

We are also looking at using an aftermarket EV charger as a temporary solution.

Does your car still run and drive okay? How many bars do you have in the "fuel" gauge?
I would say, yes it was still running, but would be at 4 bars or less right now. I can sit on it while we try and figure out a solution, but sinking any $$ at this point is not worth it.

My extended manufacturer’s warranty expires at 5yr/60k. I am one month shy of that mark with 81,000. The main lithium battery was replaced at 65k apparently under the
“8 yr/100k battery warranty” along with AC compressor, 12v battery, etc. It took them a month and the range was never the same after the re-install.

I was like Yeah, this thing is going to carry me over a 100,000 miles with the new battery and pay itself back finally. SMH.
Hopefully they will honor your extended warranty if you still have a month to go, this sounds like good news.

Extended warranties were discussed back in 2012 and RobertC had his charger replaced April 2017, a month before his ran out.