2012 I Miev SE for sale $4100

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Jun 29, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I have my 2012 Mitsubishi i miev SE for sale as I have bought another EV

Everything works
Runs great
New main battery from Mitsubishi dealer March 2018, have paperwork
Has level 3 Chademo (25 minutes to 80 percent charge)
Carpool stickers
small dent on hood from parking lot incident
clean title
low miles
40,500 miles but will go up as still drive it a bit
Also has Mitsubishi remote control
Backup camera/navigation

$4100 obo

Link to my google drive pics as I'm not sure how to post pics

Letting everyone know where it's located would be a good idea. Good luck with your sale!

Excellent point. Car is located in Orange county, CA

I guess its the premium package as it has the backup camera/navigation
Is the vehicle still available? If so, I need to find out how much to ship it to Miami. Was hoping to get one like yours for under $5000 with shipping included.
The dealer just replaces the entire pack with one supplied by Mitsu - Dealers don't open battery packs to repair them. We assume the replacement packs are new with all brand new cells . . . . . but the old packs are returned to Mitsu, so I guess it's possible they are being repaired by replacing the defective cell or two . . . .

Does anyone have any tips about shipping? I know that if you want an exact date it costs more but if you wait until they are in the area it is less. Anyone used any good carriers and gotten a good price? A friend may be interested in this car....in Sarasota FL. Wondering about the cost and recommended carriers, advice.
Hi - if this vehicle is still available would you like to show it - I am in san diego county, got cash. Got iMiev? pse email me at
Just out of curiosity, would care to say how much the Main battery replacement cost?

Just so I can be a little prepared.