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Jan 26, 2018
Listed the wife's I-MiEV SE for sale on eBay. In a hazy moment she got the gas and brake confused and plowed into our garage. Though she loved the car, she's decided that the universe is telling her to go for something with more range. So I'm putting it up for anyone who wants to save this poor, faithful car, or strip it for parts. New battery in 2018, replaced under warranty when a cell died in the previous one.

So sorry for your loss, but thanks for posting the opportunity here. If anyone wants to transplant the battery for range restoration, putting a degraded battery into the wreck could make a fun “Baja MiEV” project. I’d be willing to collaborate on such in the Seattle area.

I was the 2nd highest bidder. I was dreaming of that new battery! I was wishing I was closer and didn't have to factor in transport costs to Canada.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of a low mileage battery please send me a note.
Could I get the OCB from it? I believe I've narrowed my problem down to the onboard charger. It is a 5"X5" box with orange cables that sits ontop of the inverter. Thanks, Tony in Austin, Tx ([email protected])