2010 i-MiEV enters limp on right hand turns

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So I wrestled the car this weekend. Used woodworking clamps on the hoses to reduce spill. Google Drive link also has hose caps you can print.

Using that you can disconnect the front hose and quickly put on a cap. After this you can rotate the inverter upright.
Now you should have enough space to remove the bottom bolts.
Yeah, it's bad. Looks like at least a full cm of water was in the bottom. Kind of amazing that it didn't cause more issues.
That is water with rust in the bottom of the dc-dc. I rotated the inverter back into the car flat with the bottom panel of overnight.


Next day I rotated it back again and left it for 15 minutes with the hair dryer in 1 to warm up the enclosure.

Good news, issue is resolved, tested.

Mounted everything back and sealed off. About a 30 minutes later everything was back.

The Kia Niro arrives in october, it just needs to hold out a little bit longer.
Did you establish where the water was getting in, was it the vent ?
No, not really. I can only imagine it was the carwash jet from underneath. The car is also from december 2010 so it could have accumulated for longer. However, I figure the bottom plate would have rusted through and it would have drained itself.
Good job on finding the culprit and getting it dried out. Thanks for sharing the photos and steps involved.

i put some duct tape over that vent plug to block a direct path for water spray but yet still allow for air.

i think that plug only functions for pressure equalization when travelling between high and low elevations, and when charging and it gets all hot up in there (a sealed box pressure would go up and balloon the lids).