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Aug 30, 2018
First and only problem so far, purchased used last summer with about 32K miles, LOVE this car!!!!!

Don't think daughter left any lights on but can't be sure (dome or headlight), but came out to a dead 12 volt. This happened about two months ago as well. Had daughter drive it around for half an hour after jump charging (does that even rejuvenate battery from electric motor, same concept?)

I don't have original owner records and can't tell if this is original (yes, original) battery from factory. I see no terminal corrosion.

Here is read out from AAA:
Read: 0CCA
Rated: 360CCA
voltage: 3.85v
too discharged for accurate analysis.

Bad news, she then pulled it up in backyard for charging after driving it around, went out to drive it and again dead as door nail.

I'm thinking it's probably time to find a new battery?
Any suggestions on a company that would come to the house and put in?
How hard are these to find (to fit, looks so cute and little)?

These cars are heavy to push, ask me how I know, lol. I don't think we could manage to get it out of the grass and down the really long drive, and would prefer finding someone who could change it at my house.

Are there any extra safety precautions needed to exchange battery due to the lithium set-up? I suppose I could talk my dad into exchanging if I could find one somewhere to buy, he'll be in town in a few days.

I live in Kansas City.

R (single mom)
It's a standard 151R, not hard to find. I got one at Advance Auto Parts. I tried to get them to install it (they're supposed to do it free), but they were incompetent, so I ended up doing it myself: http://myimiev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3766
So got a new Interstate battery, AAA came to home and installed, 10 minutes. Probably over-paid, but I needed the help/convenience. Came to $156. Full 3 year replacement, then 3 years pro-rated after that. Miev-Mei (pronounced May) is back in business.
paxfamilia said:
I'm thinking it's probably time to find a new battery?

You got really lucky, IMO - It was way past time for a new battery by then and trying to operate the car with a known bad 12 volt battery can cause some really expensive (nearly terminal) malfunctions of some critical parts of the car

Really glad to hear you have it up and running again spending *only* $150. It could have been much worse!