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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

With my C-Zero, for the France Electrique Tour 2015
to go to the start of the rally, I have done Rennes=> Auxerre 481km in one day (16h26 including 2 normal charge at 16A (2 x2.5hours) and 3 CHAdeMO)
After the end of the rally at Bordeaux, I have done a Bordeaux=> Rennes 485 km in 14h10 including 5 CHAdeMO charge
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

So far about 150 miles In a day for us, average on our trips.

Our plans are to do Route 66 in late March or early October from Chicago to Santa Monica.
Should take 37 days one way. Mostly L2s and L1s on the way.

Our record so far in ONE day was 260 miles....a round trip from here in Rockford, IL to Milwaukee Wisconsin, then on to Madison WI, with a stop in Johnson Creek, WI...and then running around in the back country near Stoughton, WI and back here to Rockford. Without the QCs in Milwaukee and Madison it wouldn't have been possible. QC L3 is key to long distance driving in the i-Miev if time is important!
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

This thread presents a Strong argument on why we need DCQC. It also allows me to document how useful this car is with support. We have one of two paths... Either we can wait a decade or two for the 'perfect' battery... OR we can invest the same amount of money in DCQC. One makes the most money (designed obsolescence) for the OEM's the other doesn't. One reinforces consumption and dissatisfaction as of primary importance... the other highlights the resources we already have at hand.

My state charges an added fee on bev's, if they are a ev with a range extender they are exempt from the fee. We also are choosing to put in 12-15 DCQC's but only in the Detroit area and absolutely not to encourage anyone to travel across the state. For that they will need a Volt. Our state representatives owe to much to the oil and ICE industry to allow that.
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

Any idea what the speed on these trips averaged?
JoeS wrote:OK, so on this thread we have three different records to date:

L1 (120vac ) - 108 miles (174km) sandange 13 July 2012 viewtopic.php?p=2812#p2812
L2 (208vac - 240vac) - (see below)
CHAdeMO - 388 miles (624km) sandange 20 June, 2015 viewtopic.php?p=22762#p22762

Even though I had done a number of 200+ mile days with Mitsi (no CHAdeMO) and didn't document them, in going back through this thread I didn't find anyone who had surpassed my New Year's day 160.0 mile (257km) trip last year using L2, so I hereby claim that - but will be happy to defer to someone else as I didn't think it was that big a deal.

Edit: added metric units
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

Hi Ben
The L1 trip 108 miles (174km) was mostly side roads at around 30 mph (45-50 kmph)

The CHadeMO 388 miles (624km) trip was mostly on the highway at
about 55mph (85 -90 kmph)
There were some country road stretches at around 35 mph (50 - 60 kmph)

Here are some links to videos I made of the trip if your interested
Just Leaving

The Way There

The Way Back
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

Times are changing fast in the EV recharging world.

I recall my record 371 km (232mi) in 24 hres in 2013 with one 13h L1 charge and others 4-5 hrs L2. ( sleeping in car during L1 charge).

And then this 327km (204mi) in 17hres on L2 on the way back.

On L3 this year (not done yet) I expect this same return trip to be done in no more than 10 hours with some rest, on 15-20 min fast charging.

I usually drive around 80kmh (50mih) according to traffic.

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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

Your responses have been gold to me. Thank you all greatly! The videos are great Sandange! I am hoping to use this information to motivate our local ev group to push for more DCQC especially for distance travel as well to encourage the group to speak better about the "range" of an ev. Pretty much anyone considering an ev is terrified to imagine going as far as half of the car's range. You all give great evidence that we can do more and better. I also felt relieved to discover my driving experience wasn't that far off from yours..
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

I just wanted you to know I used some of the answers you gave on this topic in my regional Sierra Club blog. I may not have gotten it perfectly right, but I hope I am close. Definitely we plan to use this in talking to potential donors about helping to fund the installation of DCQC along a major highway route in my state.

You guys are honestly heroes and trailblazers for tracking and sharing your information. IF there is a chance of DCQC along highways you guys will have been a part of making it happen. You Rock!!!


In this article see: "#3 of my electric car examples: Joe S, an EV adept putting rumors to shame"
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

Ben, thank you for your kind words and for including our comments in your blog.

Wish you all the best in getting DCQC installed in key spots along your major highways, so maybe someone in your part of the world will beat the Maximum Miles Driven in One Day record. :geek:
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Re: Maximum Miles Driven In One Day

280km without fast charge.......

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