WTB: Right Side Mirror Assembly

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Dec 15, 2011
Hills above Silicon Valley, California
Looking for complete right-hand mirror assembly, any color.

Quite a few years ago I talked my next-door-neighbor into buying a raspberry i-MiEV, which he loves and it has been his primary daily driver ever since. His right-hand mirror assembly has been torn off, thanks to a careless/clueless teenage bicyclist (he's undamaged). Repair of the mirror support frame is proving futile. The mirror itself doesn't need to be intact as this dangling one is still ok. Nothing available from Mitsubishi.

Please PM me if you can help. TIA.

So, in response to the above request, I received a PM from someone (new member) claiming to know someone who has a mirror assembly that they can part with. They provided that person's email address...

So, I sent an email to this person.

They responded, so I sent them another email asking some basic questions.

They responded with a few PNG screenshots and an asking price and I turned it over to my neighbor.

A few more exchanges and they agreed on the price and payment via PayPal BUT my neighbor very astutely noted that the payment was to an overseas account with additional non-family/friends fees and balked. He ended up asking that the mirror be sent first and then he'd make payment using Google Pay, and the deal fell apart.

The whole thing sounded fishy as the seller was supposedly from Texas but the english was poor and the explanation that the overseas account was his son's in the UK didn't quite compute.

Anyway, it may all be legit, but buyer beware...
Wow, sorry to hear of such artful scamming on a relatively low-value deal, Joe. I just bought a passenger sideview mirror and see there's two more on car-part.com. The salvage yards have a poor response rate using the "live chat" function there, and after a couple of failed sessions, I found that exact mirror on the salvage yard's Ebay listings and offered a 15% lower price, which was quickly accepted. Moral of the story may be that the webmasters are more responsive than the traditional countermen.

btw, I only needed the outside shell, the heated glass and all other components are still good, but now surplus, so Joe, I may have all the parts you need!

MR BEAN's passenger mirror impacted a mailbox as my 16 y/o daughter dodged a bunny rabbit. "Oh, guess I should have braked!" The aero housing shattered, but the glass popped out of its' snap-in mounting and all but the housing is fine. The housing is now stylishly wrapped in aluminum repair tape...