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A relatively bland video review spouting a bunch of spec-sheet numbers and the usual inane "golf-cart" and "cheapness" comments with a definitely negative bent. The presenter made a few positive comments, but I'm afraid I'm losing my patience with such shallow "reviews" and their digs such as "…feels like it's one more touch away from breaking", and I was particularly irked when the video showed the tall person sitting in the back seat behind the passenger's seat which was pushed waay back. Not worth the mouseclick, IMO, but nice to see some of our forum members trying to set the record straight in the article's comments section.

Phximiev, thanks for posting and I moved your post over here as it didn't really relate to the David Patterson interviews.
I agree with your remarks regarding the video and the comments following it. I believe that the comments from owners show consistent support when they use the car in a manner more or less consistent with its design.

As far as 'range anxiety', we've never experienced it. Once I drove the car until it had less than 6 miles left by the time I arrived home. Even then I knew that I had more than sufficient charge to get home and if I actually needed it, there are numerous chargers well within a 6 mile range.