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Mar 14, 2024
Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm a fiat 500e owner that just today bought a very nice 2012 miev. My question is what would the difference between leaving it outside or in the garage be? I live in Florida and I'm worried about the heat. But it's also just a 2k little ev that I don't really want to kick out a 50k mitsubishi outlander phev for. I know that it's got the upgraded batteries from a replacement pack under warranty and it's got the fast charger. It's been garaged all it's life and it still gets about 50 miles. Will leaving outside for about 2 years ruin it? After the 2 years it'll get a garage spot again. I'd like to keep it for a good 5-8 years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Good question. I would have assumed not an issue but will be interested to hear the opinions of those more learned than I :)
I think it'll be ok, though I would put a whitish cover given that it's black. And for sure keep the pack no more than 50%, 40% ideally. My 2014 iMiev has been sitting in my driveway for at least 4 yrs, but it's white. It's used occasionally when there's a power outage. Keeping the rodents out is a concern.

I have a cheapy dash board solar 12v tender clipped to the 12v under the hood. I do charge it fully to 100% roughly twice a year.
Thank you for the input. We're arnt going to put a cover on it because it's still going to be used about once or twice a week. But I'll certainly do that 50%-40% while it's sitting tip!
My i-MiEV has spent most of its life in the garage, while a Prius of equal age lived on the street just outside. The difference in their finishes is striking. Meanwhile, for the last few days, the i-MiEV has been in the driveway instead, and the amount of bird shit it has attracted is dismaying. Gonna need another wash before it goes back.